News writing

We can write news stories in a number of formats; from traditional, impartial print-style news to socially-shareable blogs

Feature writing

We can write long-form features, gathering differing perspectives and researching topics to tell engaging, entertaining stories


We're able to conduct interviews with people that tell their story or add to existing ones to provide original content and get new perspectives


We're able to look at articles and copy with a fresh pair of eyes to improve its flow, spot errors, mistakes and grammatical errors

Public relations

We have public relations experience and are able to create press releases as well as suggest digital distribution solutions

Product reviews

We're experienced in previewing and reviewing products, testing them for market and offering comparisons against the competition

Digital journalism, traditional values

There’s nothing better than sitting down and sinking your teeth into a meaty feature. Well, for our money, anyway… The Meadowcroft Media team has learned its craft producing news, features and finding entertaining stories on-the-ground for local and national publications.

Digital isn’t the death of journalism. It’s the herald of a brand-new era. We’re here to help publishing houses old and new discover stories that their readers will love, as well as show them the exciting opportunities that the modern, digital future of publishing can bring to journalistic enterprises.

Supporting publishers old and new

While there are some incredible stories that news sites, blogs and other creative outlets can feature online, we feel they shouldn’t ignore the values of traditional reporting. Similarly, publishing houses stuck in their ways can’t afford to let digital opportunities pass them by.

We will work alongside publishing houses, old and new of any creed to help support them in finding stories and making sense of the digital landscape. We can act as a newswire to improve the consistency of your content in a requested voice, or get you up-and-running online on a consultancy basis.

We will create content for your titles and give you a better grasp of the digital future of journalism