News writing

I'm able to write news stories in a number of formats; from traditional, impartial print-style news to comment-focused blogs

Feature writing

I can write long-form features, gathering differing perspectives and researching topics to tell engaging, entertaining stories


I'm comfortable talking to and interviewing people on a personal or group basis, whether for PR opportunities or to get their side of the story


I'm able to look at articles and copy with a fresh pair of eyes to improve its flow, spot errors, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

Public relations

I also have public relations experience and am able to create press releases as well as suggest digital distribution solutions

Product reviews

I'm experienced in previewing and reviewing products, testing them for market and offering comparisons against the competition

The future of journalism is digital

At school, English was my favourite subject (I could string two words together). When discussing future careers with a teacher, though, I wasn’t too sure about a future in journalism. I was 13 and had a rough idea of it; I didn’t want to sit in a stuffy newsroom regurgitating stories that had already been reported, did I?

It was a blinkered view of the industry – or was it? In my experience, a lot of digital start-ups and amateur newsrooms believe that modern journalism is just that; a quest for numbers and building traffic through social platforms, rewriting press releases and ‘hat tipping’ other sites who have broken a story first.

We can be doing better as a profession with the digital platforms that are available to journalists. Being freelance has given me a keen insight into the challenges faced by both traditional outlets struggling to adapt and new pretenders desperate to be taken seriously. I can help you to find better, more relevant stories for your targeted readership and bring your publishing model into the digital age.

Digital journalism - Meadowcroft Media

Working with national publishing houses

I’ve been a freelance journalist and writer for over a decade. I began my career interning and freelancing at Future Publishing and, while at Future, received some brilliant training modules from editorial specialists ContentETC to complement what I was learning hands-on from Future’s talented editorial teams.

I also freelanced for the excellent David Lloyd and his team at Trinity Mirror on magazine, helping to cover parts of the 2008 Capital of Culture festivities in Liverpool. Since then I have also contributed to Dennis’ Viz Comic, titles at Imagine Publishing and have created advertorials for brands for national papers.

Telling better stories with digital journalism

Sadly, print is more of a luxury now, but still not without purpose. With the right strategy, a print publication can be a gateway to the wider online brand that delivers the very best in digital journalism.

Over the last decade I’ve helped contribute articles to popular local blogs in the North West and specialist sites, as well as creating my own brands to tell people’s stories and through good old on-the-ground journalism.

I have also used these journalism and editorial skills at digital marketing companies to complement lead generation and nurturing strategies to attract highly targeted personas and convert interest to sales.

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