Copywriting and content marketing strategies for brands

Lead nurturing content

I can produce creative blogs, news, articles, features, guides, interviews and more to nurture leads as part of your inbound marketing campaign

Search-friendly web copy

I can produce website copy that's search-friendly, is easy for visitors to digest and understand, and encourages them to explore

Advertising scripts

I can produce video scripts and audio scripts that speak to your target audience, entertain them and encourages interaction

Native advertising

I'm experienced in native advertising, producing advertorials for brands that speak to certain demographics, are interesting and don't look 'salesy'

Creative marketing copy

Get under the skin of your audience with entertaining features, interviews and articles that also make creative use of the data you're collecting

Content consultancy

I've worked on content campaigns of all sizes for over a decade, and can help you to build a creative content marketing strategy that works for you

Search-friendly copy that nurtures leads organically

Working with some of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies (mainly focusing on inbound) over the last decade has helped me to add some technical skills to my bow, which helps me to integrate my writing into any and every digital project, no matter which stage it’s at.

I am experienced in writing with search and shareability in mind without having to sacrifice a creative angle. I’m able to build native marketing campaigns as part of a long-term content marketing strategy that boosts brand outreach. I’ve also created content for HubSpot-accredited agencies, building copy strategies to target specific markets as part of intricate lead generation and nurturing strategies for them and their clients.

As technical as that side of content marketing is, though, at whatever stage the stories you’re telling your customers have to be simple, engaging, interesting and entertaining in equal measure. That’s the key to any and every successful content marketing campaign, and not only is it a crucial part of attracting the right audience, but to help encourage them into becoming long-term customers.

Content marketing - Meadowcroft Media

The best content marketing campaigns are often the simplest

Despite the (constant) changes in the inbound and digital marketing industries, I’ve always found that the simpler the content, the more likely audiences are to listen and put their trust in the brand that’s publishing it.

Many think attracting traffic to a website is content’s sole purpose. They couldn’t be more wrong. Powerful, effective content build’s real relationships with the communities you want to reach out to and attract the attention of the most.

Simplicity and consistency is key to success in content marketing. We want to help brands and agencies to find theirs and their clients’ voices with a content strategy that makes them more interesting, friendly and approachable.

Creative marketing isn’t just about blogging

Blogging is an incredibly useful tool in content marketing, but if it’s done for the benefit of a higher search position then you may as well throw your money away.

Instead, get to know and research an industry like never before. Learn about its positive and negatives, interview industry influencers and trailblazers and create something that’s really original and exciting.

We can help you do that, not just to attract new markets but to set yourself apart from the competition and cement your business as a unique voice that’s willing to say something different and smash the status quo, whether through blogs, features, video and audio scripts, interviews and other forms of creative content that your audience can easily digest and share.

Want to show the creative side of your brand with content that reaches out to the right people?