Jodie Greenwood Liverpool

This is a big week for us.

We’ve just launched Wirral Way and the feedback has been hugely positive. At the time of writing the site has tipped the 1,000 sessions point – a lot of it local traffic – which is well beyond anything we were expecting. We’ll give a full update of the site’s performance at the end of February.

And we’d like to extend a thank you. Instrumental to the look and feel of both Wirral Way and Meadowcroft Media has been Jodie Greenwood, a freelance designer currently finishing off a Graphic Design degree at Liverpool John Moores University.

We came across Jodie at a networking event approximately 18 months ago. We’ve since commissioned her to create the logos for both sites and look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Jodie Greenwood Wirral WayJodie isn’t just a gifted graphic designer. We’ve been most impressed with the sheer amount of ideas and creative energy Jodie has brought to each commission, working incredibly hard to research industry trends, competitor publications, and more to come up with something totally original.

Jodie’s best skills though are her positivity and kind, approachable nature. She’s been a pleasure to work with, and is reaping the rewards of putting her face out there and networking amongst the creative, commercial scene in the North West. Jodie is an example that other young creatives in the city should follow.

Jodie’s dream is to work as a fashion designer, and if you’re looking then give her a shout. She’s destined for great things; we hope that working with her will help get her a step closer to her goals. So, once again, thank you Jodie from us all at Meadowcroft Media. (Well, me!)

All the best,

John Meadowcroft

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