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“Hi, I’m John. Welcome to Meadowcroft Media! I’ve been writing professionally for over 10 years and am now focusing on building a media company powered entirely by creative writing.

“My writing has taken me across the UK. I’ve worked with editors at the UK’s biggest publishing houses for some well-known magazines, and with leading digital agencies and high-street brands to attract targeted leads through creative content marketing campaigns.

“Great, right? Lucky me. Why should you care? Because I LOVE writing, and I want to work with you. I’ve dedicated my life to writing. I love being creative, telling stories, finding different angles on topics and writing something that really makes people think.

“I love helping people find their voice and getting what they have to say out to the wider world. My writing skills help me to do that. Best of all, writing helps me to meet and make new friends on a personal and professional level.

“Have a look around the site and find out more about how Meadowcroft Media’s creative writing services can help you out. Get in touch; I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”

Journalistic writing

I have experience in writing news articles, long-form features, conducting interviews and more for local blogs and magazines at national publishing houses.

Content marketing

I've worked with a number of leading digital marketing agencies to provide them and their clients with creative, search-friendly advertising copy.

Creative writing

I love creative writing and am open to working on new projects such as providing video scripts, producing eBooks, ghostwriting and more.

Looking for a freelance journalist?

Throughout my writing career I have contributed to popular regional and national titles for some of the UK’s best-known publishing houses. I cut my teeth at Future Publishing’s GamesMaster Magazine and Trinity Mirror’s Liverpool.com magazine, starting my career in local and specialist journalism.

I’ve also written for popular blogs as well as launching my own branded websites with a focus on interview- and feature-based stories. Working with some of the UK’s top editorial teams has given me a set of skills that helps me to spot unique stories and craft them for targeted audiences.

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Lead generation through content marketing

I have over a decade’s experience in the digital marketing industry which has given me an invaluable insight into inbound lead generation. After working with some of the UK’s top digital agencies, I can complement my ability to tell stories with lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

I’m able to help brands create content campaigns from scratch that are search-friendly, shareable and, as one client put it, “makes me sound really good”. I’m also available to provide content training and workshops, visiting brands and agencies to help them learn about the value of content marketing.

Featured posts:

Creative writing and doing it for fun

I also write for fun and love meeting new people in the creative industries whether it’s videographers, playwrights, designers, gamers, developers, artists or new writers looking to build their network across the North West and beyond.

I believe that everybody has a story inside them and I want to help people tell it whether that’s through scripting, helping them to create their own blog, site, social media presence or other. I always have time for meeting new people; if you’d like to meet for lunch one day and have a chat then get in touch with me on my Contact page.